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In that case the grammar would have a phonotactic filter permitting /0/ to form nuclei only with single-x nonconsonantal melodies.
This would provide a qualitative description of the mixing of single-particle and collective effects.
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Analysis of single channel records indicate that the effect is to favor transition to a substate rather than to physically alter the conductance pathway.
In terms purely of logic and expediency, the argument in favour of a single language is difficult to oppose.
The census returns indicate that many of those single solitaries – though some of the married ones also – were inmigrants.
It is difficult to find a single refugee who thinks that they will be returning home any time in the near future.
The mapping between surface and lexical levels is reduced to a single function call and two simple conversions from text to binary, and vice versa.
Each point represents the mean values of these 2 variables measured on 2 large hooks from each of 10 protoscoleces from a single isolate.
Thefree energy change then represents the difference between several large-value terms, and no single component can be said to dominate.
The surface density of streptavidin molecules was sufficiently small that each of the pinning sites represented a single streptavidin-biotin cross-bridge.
The text is unique, as it represents the work of a single author, who cogently articulates a systematic approach to psychiatry.
The selection of a single lexical candidate is thus either random or based on frequency or familiarity of the lexical forms.
The single observer visually estimated cover to the nearest 10% at ten randomly chosen points within a 5 m radius of each sampling position.





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